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The Girl Thursday: Lexi DeLeon, 19 years old

The Girl Thursday: Lexi DeLeon, 19 years old

abril 28
15:45 2016
—Fotos de Michael Woods/NWA Democrat-Gazette Sitio: Centro de Fayetteville

—Photos by Michael Woods/NWA Democrat-Gazette
Place: Downtown Fayetteville

La Prensa Libre Lexi DeLeonAt almost every moment, there’s a genuine smile adorning Lexi DeLeon’s friendly face.

She’s a young woman who is willing to help whomever, whenever, putting into action the strong Christian values ​​that live in her heart.

Lexi was born on November 30, 1996, in Kansas City, Kansas. Her father is a child of Filipino immigrants, and she describes her mother as a blonde American whose ancestors hail from Wales.

Although she lived in Kansas until she graduated from high school last year, Lexi stresses that she is 100% a Razorback, totally focused on finishing her first year at the University of Arkansas.

La Prensa Libre Lexi DeLeonShe studies journalism with an emphasis on advertising and public relations, and her goal is to represent a large company, or perhaps becoming a news director.

She speaks Spanish and has traveled to Latin America as part of the missionary work in her life.

Dedicated to improving the local and global community — through the Chi Omega sorority, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and a scheduled trip to an orphanage in Haiti this summer – La Prensa Libre did not hesitate to name Lexi as the Girl Thursday for April 2016.


How would you describe yourself as a modern woman?

La Prensa Libre Lexi DeLeonIn my mind, a modern woman does not conform herself to what society tells her. A modern woman is ambitious and strong, she is confident because she sees herself as an equal. Ladies, do not settle for the standards of this world because you are important and you can do amazing things!


What’s the relationship between your inner and outer beauty?

La Prensa Libre Lexi DeLeonI think that a person’s inner beauty is what makes them truly beautiful on the outside. I believe that what society has defined as externally beautiful can only go so far; it’s the smiling, selfless, genuine people that radiate everything that beauty really is.


How important is your Hispanic heritage?

I only have some Spanish blood in me but my grandparents immigrated from the Philippines and I think that’s important. I love being diverse and learning about my heritage, (not to mention the amazing food). I am so very thankful to my grandparents for being brave and immigrating to the U.S. and therefore giving me so much opportunity.


What are your favorite activities in Northwest Arkansas?

NWA Democrat-Gazette/MICHAEL WOODS • @NWAMICHAELW Lexi DeLeon, 19, the Chica Jueves (Girl Thursday) for La Prensa Libre Thursday April 14, 2016 on the Fayetteville Square.

Some of my favorite hobbies here in Fayetteville include hiking new places around NWA, drawing/painting/photography, and going to the town-square farmers’ market on Saturday mornings. I also love traveling and trying different cultures’ foods.

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